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(MMC) works under the law and regulations of Ministry of Public Health in Afghanistan on international bases. (MMC) which has been established on 2011 has been fully functioned in social and medical services according to Afghanistan’s government law. Base on Afghan government regulations this establishment passed all necessary steps in AISA with registration number (D-37224), it obtained the legal and all medical status. (MMC) with (7 years) of experience has accomplished five different projects in the field of medication. We have professional teams that having combined experience over twenty years.

(MMC) is one of the most active Hospitals on the field of healthcare in the country.


Our Vision

Our Mission

MMC has been founded on 2011, by a group of well committed and philanthropy doctors. The main objectives of hospital are as follows:

  1. Providing the best quality health services for the community
  2. Procuring the best qualified doctors
  3. Providing the best nursing cure
  4. Promotion and development of best diagnostic, equipment, personal and medicine
  5. Quality control of all services and equipment by each time period
  6. Sharing our efforts to help people in mass disasters, like bomb blasts, Suicide attacks, earth quacks, flood etc
  7. Accepting all objections regarding hospital services and to fix each problem as soon as possible
  8. Weekly meetings to improve services quality
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