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Establishment of the First Kidney Transplantation, (APD)&(CAPD) Center in Afghanistan

Like other chronic diseases, unfortunately CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) or ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease) in Afghanistan is increasing day by day.But the difference between CKD and other chronic diseases such as HTN, DM, CHF is that the CKD patients are completely curable in this era which is kidney Transplantation the definite treatment of ESRD.

On the other hand, in present situation in Afghanistan the common and available treatment option for CKD patients is only Hemodialysis which is merely a transient option and mostly is used to prepare the CKD patients for precise treatment namely kidney Transplantation. However, due to lack of a standard dialysis center and also lack of a long-term suitable medical support of chronic complications (Anemia, Electrolytes imbalances, ABD, hyper-Parathyroidism) of patients under dialysis, after several months almost all such patients would experience an unpleasant deathIn the meantime, the hemodialysis is time-consuming, costly and complicated procedure so that the tow-year accumulative cost of hemodialysis is approximately tow-times greater than the whole package of kidney transplantation cost.

Also, due to the probability of post-operation kidney transplantation rejection and therefore the need of a strict, regular long term follow-up to prevent or at least early Diagnosis of such a destructing phenomenon (Rejection), despite experience of a major operation, high economic costs, and maiming another healthy person, almost all the Afghans individuals who underwent the kidney transplantation operation abroad country would undergo rejection.This is because of the lack of ability to perform such a regular and recommended scheduled follow-up program out of Afghanistan.

Finally, the annual currency paid for Kidney transplantation abroad country is about 120 million dollar, which would be filtered and returned by establishment of the Kidney transplantation center inside Afghanistan.Therefore, for the above-mentioned reasons, organization and equipment of a standard and comprehensive organ transplantation center for the first time in Afghanistan is deeply sensed.

From this case the transplantation center is being equipped since one year ago and at present we have the following options available:

1. A Specialist and trained Human resource containing: (Kidney transplantation surgeon, anesthesiologist, laberant, nurse of transplantation ward, nurse of transplantation ICU, hemodialysis CAPD, APD technician, OT technician).

2. An erea of 1000-meter square in 8 floor, which is a superspeciality and complex

3. Kidney transplantation ward with following option:

  • Ward of hemodialysis with five hemodialysis machines.
  • Will-equipped laboratory with ability to check all needed pre and post transplantation tests.

      Drug-store containing the majority of dialysis and transplantation medications.

  • OT rooms for both donor and recipient.
  • ICU unit for post transplantation period.
  • General Ward with 20 beds for post ICU period and administration of the transplanted patients suspected to rejection.